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Dewatering Bag

Dewatering Bag

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  • Ideal to filter, wash or collect the product, the Dewatering Bag facilitates filtration of a fluid mixture allowing the solid materials to be retained as the liquid drains.

    Made with special porous polypropylene fabric with warp and weft tensile strengths greater than those of conventional 8 oz. polypropylene, the Dewatering Bag container is a tough container with a wide variety of uses. 

    Applications include clarifying water or other liquids, dewatering sludge, cake filtration, biotreatment projects, product washing, product collecting, and more.

    • Size: 48" x 48" x 39" (H)
    • Capacity: 3,000 lbs. 58 Cubic Feet
    • Four-Panel Construction
    • Fabric: 8 oz. Uncoated DeWatering Fabric
    • Lift Loops: (4) 10”
    • Top: Spout Top, Web Tie Closure
    • Bottom: Spout Bottom, Web Tie Closure
    • Airflow: 230 Cu.Ft./Min
    • Smallest Particle Retained: 460 Microns
    • UV Treated For Extended Outdoor Use
    • Bale Count: 100 Per Bale


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